Will Boycotting Pak Artists Solve the Problem?

Either they should leave on their own or we will behead them after 48 hours.

MNS chief said after notorious URI attacks. This cautious message to Pakistani artists was pervasive by nature and in the next 24 hours it was one of the trending topics for the day on Twitter. Debates ran wild like fire as if it is the first time that they have appealed to boycott Pak Artists. Politicians got a new subject to sway the attention of public from the failure of Govt. to an all time inviting debate issue of #Boycotting Pakistani artists. Public got something new to discuss. News channels begun to celebrate their Diwali by inviting a whole repertoire of columnists, artists, politicians, film stars, army personnels and so called “sensitive people”. Whatsapp was loaded with chunks of patriotic pieces of writing where Boycotting China was also taken along by some “Prop Patriots”. All the media irrespective of its type was loaded with what film stars had to say and then some really shameful messages and statements emanated on the way.

The real question is still erect “Should we Boycott Pakistani artists or not”. “As I am a true Indian”as they say I was also hurt like any other Indian at the dawn of the URI attacks and was shaken from inside.

When the “Boycott” news aired, my reaction to it was WHY??! Why the hell are the artists thrown out of the country?

But after watching and reading some very thoughtful debates along with a lot of input from my mind I changed my views. Today I am in favour of #Boycotting Pakistani artists and following points stand with me:

1. When attacks in Paris and Peshawar took place, Pak Artists condemned the attacks but what had happened in the case of URI(INDIA). Was it not a big affair constantly pointing at the gestation of terror? Were the Indian soldiers who were killed in the attacks not someone like those killed in Paris or Peshawar? Or a group of “Good terrorists” killed them?

2. If we are really mad after the art of Pakistani Artists then can’t we witness it on YouTube which is available for everyone?

3. First we are Indians then art admirers. If at one side soldiers demand one tone and solidarity that has to be shown by #Boycotting Pak Artists we should put a deaf ear to other side constantly pestering us to admire their art.

4. Artists are human beings first, they are followed by Galore of people and they should talk on these issues and put their views forward so that a strong message is circulated within their followers 

I am afraid that Pakistani artists have failed in doing so, for this reason as Indians from heart we first should think about our country and brave soldiers who are there on the border unaware whether they will be able to see the tomorrow’s sun. Art can be admired thereafter also.

#Country Comes First


Your valuable suggestions for this naive  writer are wholeheartedly WELCOME!


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