India boycotting Chinese goods: Doing more harm than good!


Anywhere you go in India nowadays, you will catch people vociferously chanting for boycotting Chinese goods in India. This is a common site in India in the aftermath of the vicious Uri attacks which took place in September. Actually India has alleged Pakistani army to feed terrorists in terms of training and ammunitions.

 Now many people will end up thanking what China has to do with all this?

Actually China has been supporting Pakistan in terms of budget and weapons, moreover in the UN too China wielded its veto power to put stymies over India’s efforts in banning Masood Azhar, one of the most wanted terrorist for India and all over the world! This actually has outraged masses in India and suddenly a wave of patriotism has swayed. The so called “nation lovers” are appealing to the people all over India not to buy any Chinese product.

For any Indian, this should be a welcome step BUT we have to contemplate on the other face of coin too!

Its festive season in India with Diwali festival at the doorsteps, leading to a boom in the market. The market of idols, LED lights, firecrackers, electronics and many other commodities. All of these are actually  imported from China at a mass level. The real picture is that Indian sellers have bought these commodities from China two-three months ago and now that China has been fully paid with the amount, Indians boycotting their goods will have no real impact on their GDP. But the issue is that it will have a resounding impact on Indian sellers and GDP of India. 

Indians are in a wave of patriotism after the attacks and this wave has overtaken the real sense behind boycotting Chinese goods. Rather than afflicting Chinese GDP and economic growth it will have an adverse impact on Indian market and GDP.

 One more issue with Indians is that they can’t buy the same commodity at higher prices than what they used to buy at comparatively very lower price. As the goods will be made in India, they will be costlier than Chinese goods as India still doesn’t have the required industrial advancement as does China.

So, instead of being blind patriots, Indians should keep calm and give a heeding on this face of coin too!


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