Girls under constant attack from politicians in India

“If we can’t treat our daughters well, if we have mindset of 18th century, how dare we call ourselves the people of 21st century”, well said by PM Modi as he was unveiling a scheme proudly eulogized as  Beti Bachao Beti Padhao. But, it seems that everyone except BJP leaders don’t want to make this programme a success because of continuos attacks on the security, integrity and character of girls by those in power.


It looks like launching any scheme for the sole purpose of showing it off and sweeping as many votes as possible has become a habit of this government. In the wake of fresh brutality against girls in Banaras Hindu University (BHU), many fingers were up against Uttar Pradesh government. But it’s not the first time that girls have been treated unfairly. In fact, in this year only, scores of incidents which have occurred transpire how much the government is committed to promote the education, security and ensure the well being of girls. The biggest problem in universities and higher education institutes in India is the intervention from state and central governments in various administration activities which include the appointment of people at important designations like vice chancellor (VC), principal etc., persistent interference in the university elections and sometimes in making certain rules for universities.


One could easily observe the reluctance of UP government to support girls when it was needed the most. How can it happen that in one of the biggest, oldest and finest institutes of India girls were brutalized by beating them with sticks by policemen and the state government did not know anything about it. Which suggests that even after knowing everything the government chose to remain silent.  In such incidents, normally the people responsible (Vice chancellor in this case) are asked to resign by immediate effect by the government, but in this case he was not told to do so. One will be very curious to learn the reasons for the same. It’s not a very new fact that there is partisan appointment by governments of VCs who are simply not good enough as academicians or administrators, and most VCs simply do not have the courage and the integrity to stand up to governments but have an eye on the next job they might get. Government wants to maintain its supremacy on students and University management for which they choose the puppet of their own choice who does everything on the guidelines of government. This is not the first and only case of its kind. In the reign of RSS supported BJP government, radical thinking of certain religious groups drive the ideology of the BJP leaders as they go on spitting venom against girls even if the girls are the ones who are victimized like in BHU case.

Another incident of astounding shame was recorded in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh where a college girl was acid attacked five times. The shameful part is that she was under police protection at the time of incident. No one could have dared to do so without the hand of any political leader backing him.


One more example of how safe are the girls in new India is that earlier this year, a girl was stalked by son of a BJP leader of Haryana. When caught, he was charged under bail able offence due to power his father wielded. It was only after rigorous coverage by media and protest by others that he was charged under non bail able offence and arrested later. This has set a pathetic example of how you can do away with anything if you have the support of political leaders.

These incidents highlight the plight of girls under the current reign.

Now think again of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao scheme, some main objectives were:

  1. Mind the language of boys and instill sensitivity for women.
  2. Educate our sons to respect women and girls as equal members of society.
  3. Ensure education of girls.
  4. Encourage women to go out, pursue higher studies, work, do business, access public spaces freely

Clearly, all these objectives have been made fun of by the ones in power. What to expect from public when the ones who hold responsible positions are busy in just boasting about schemes and doing nothing. It’s high time that the government moves a step ahead before India becomes a dreadful place for girls to live in.